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Supplier PPRC pipe, UPVC pipe fittings , GI and. Supply Area: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar Pakistan. Contact: +92-321-2248975 Email: irfanfarooqi@gmail.com

Tuff tiles

Supplier in Islamabad

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PVC Pipes

masterfit upvc

Master fit upvc 0321-2248975

pipe plus upvc Islamabad


pipe plus

0300-5099254, 0304-5400354

Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Master fit UPVC pipe

Master fit upvc pipes and fittings for home and buildings construction. Application for rain drain, soil waste and sewerage systems.

Available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Sizes 2″ till 8″  complete pipe and fittings TILL 6″

masterfit upvc

Master fit upvc


Turk plast pprc

Turk plast pprc available  in 25 to 63mm complete pipe and fittings

Area: Islamabad Rawalpindi


turk plast ppr

dadex thermoline ppr

Dadex thermoline pprc pipe and fittings

Available in islamabad and rawalpindi


0332-5975619thermoline dadex ppr

dadex polydex ppr

Dadex polydex ppr pupe and fittings

Available in islamabad and rawalpindi

polydex ppr


Kalde PPR Materials

Kalde PPRC materials

Kalde PPR Pipe

0300-5099254, 0304-5400354, 0300-2856741

Poly propylene Random copolymer (PP-r Type 3)

Poly propylene random copolymer is widely used in hot water, floor and radiator heating system as well as in industrial liquid distribution systems. Most commonly, this material can be found in drinking water installations.

Kalde Pipes are produced using solely PP-r Type 3 which has several advantages over other materials: long duration. Better flexibility, high resistance to pressure and heat, high molecular wight, low MFR. High acoustic and thermal insulation.

Quality of PP-r Type 3 is measured by adherence two DIN-8078 and EN-ISO 15874-1 standards.

The metal insert used in the poly propylene fittings increase the reliability of the products. Kalde’s experience in brass fittings for more than 35 years due to its own state of manufacturing unit of brass fittings results in high quality fittings with very reliable metal inserts.

Kalde PPRc Quality Standards

Kalde PPRC compliance to following manufacturing standards:

DIN-8077 Poly propylene (PP) Pipes dimensions

DIN-8078 Poly propylene (PP) pipes general quality requirements and testing.

DIN-16962 (6-9) Pipe joints and elements for poly propylene (PP pressure pipelines types 1 and 2; injection moulded elbows for socket-welding, dimentions

DIN-16962 Pipe joints and components of polypropylene (PP) for pipes under pressure Part 5: General quality requirements, testing.

DIN-1988 Drinking water line installation

DIN-4109 Sound insulation in building construction

DVS-2207 Welding regulations for plastic pipes.

DVS-2208 Machines and devices for welding thermoplastic pipes

DIN-10266-1  Pipe Threads where pressure tight joints are made on the threads

Part 1: Tapered external threads and parallel internal threads Dimension, tolerances and designation

DIN-16928 Pipe connections and components Pipes of thermoplastic materials: Pipe joints, elements for pipes, laying; general directions

EN-ISO-15874 Plastic piping systems for hot and cold water installations polypropylene; Part 1: General, Part 2: Pipe, Part 3: fittings, Part 5: fitness for purpose of the systems Part 7: Guidance for the assessment of conformity.

Kalde PPRC Pipe fittings

PPRC Kalde


Kalde has the largest PPRC manufacturing facility in the world having 20,000sq meters production area.

Kalde manufacture a broad line of products covering PPRC pipes, PPRC fittings, PP Pipes, PPP fittings, AL-Pex, PE-rt pipes, screw fittings, press fittings, PE-x Pipes, manifolds and radiators.

Kalde also have several internationally accredited certifications from respectable master institutes like SKZ-Germany and AENOR-Spain.

Kalde management quality is certified by ISO 9001: 2008.

That’s why Kalde is the First Choice of hundreds of customers globally.

We are the sole distributor for Kalde PPRC Pipe and fittings in Pakistan.

Availibility Areas: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar

Conact: 0321-2248975

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